Require: Android 4.0.3+
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✔✔✔ Download Hushed now and get a FREE 3-DAY STARTER SECOND LINE so you can get to anonymous calling and anonymous texting from your phone for free today! Keep your personal life secure and your real number private.✔✔✔

Use Hushed to change your phone's number for a new, different number that can be used for anonymous texts and calls. Your new phone number lets you text or call people without showing your phone's regular caller ID, meaning you can text or call anonymously and keep your identity unknown.

Download Hushed to get a different number immediately and send free texts and make free calls for 3 days just by trying us out! After that you can use Hushed only as you have a need with no contracts. When you don't need your second phone number anymore, easily burn your new number and your call/text history is kept anonymous.

Your new Hushed temporary phone number works for phones & tablets and includes free call voicemail, text auto replies and text SMS and MMS. Your first 3 days give you a free number and starter credits for free texting and free phone calls.

A Hushed second number is ideal when you want to change your number, not just to stay anonymous:

• Using a temporary number to buy or sell on Craigslist
• Using a different number than your personal for safer dating on sites like OkCupid, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match.com, Zoosk or Grindr
• Submitting a temporary number when applying for new jobs
• Getting a second phone number for work or Airbnbs
• Projects or situations where you may need a fake number for texting or calling
• Any other reason for which you may need a fake/temporary/second/different phone number; or even a third or fourth number!

With a second phone number, you don't have to give your real phone number to anybody anymore, while still having a way to call or text people from your phone - no more need for burner phones!

When your free phone number trial is up, we offer many ways to continue using your second phone number, from quick and easy credit purchases, to 7-day, 30-day, 90-day, 365-day plans and now an UNLIMITED monthly use plan.

Use Hushed to change your number for a different phone number from over 40 countries and send anonymous texts or make anonymous calls from around the world and drop your disposable number at any time when you no longer need a second number with no hassle.

Hushed acts as a phone number changer, letting you be more secure: think of Hushed as a disposable number-based privacy layer for your phone: send anonymous texts that can't be traced back to your real phone number.

Business users: Use Slack to send text messages directly from Slack to handle various support tasks for your business.

Text Auto Replies let you set up a general response that can look for specific keywords to automate replies. Great for Airbnb owners!

Also sync your new numbers with Dropbox to store your texts, voicemails and pictures.
Advanced Called Routing: Now you can setup calls using your local carriers phone connection instead of the Hushed app. Perfect for those who have spotty Data connections.

There are no roaming charges with Hushed, which piggy backs on your phone's WIFI or 3G/4G/LTE connection and lets you enjoy crystal clear conversations.

Get a temporary phone number in the US, Canada, the UK and 40+ other countries!

Use Hushed messaging to send anonymous texts with a 6 digit Hushed pin that you can share with others! Once you’re done texting, just delete the PIN. Activate “Hushed Mode” to quickly and easily erase of all your texts and pics!

Start with 3 days of free phone calls and free texting, then get the $4.99/month auto-renewing subscription, which provides 1 new number with unlimited SMS, MMS & calls for one month for any North American calling.

Privacy policy: http://hushed.com/about-us/privacy/
TOS: http://www.hushed.com/tos